Scandinavian Slow fashion

When it comes to style, we believe that the modern woman is searching for something more than trends that fade. Conscious of her impact, it's the combination of Ethics and Aesthetics she longs for. 

That's why we have made it our mission to create garments that are sustainably tailored to her, that are kind to the humans who make them and the environment that surrounds us.

Sustainably Tailored


Rooted in a blush, taupe and navy colour palette inspired by the intimate relation between sky and earth.

Our first capsule collection encapsulates sustainable tailoring for the modern woman with precision, versatility and flow.


Our Vision

The future of fashion is female

At BYEM we want our garments to not only represent quality and style but also accountability and respect towards humans and the environment alike. Since fashion is a labour and material intensive sector, we are striving towards a future of fashion that is sustainable, ethical and feminist.

"Following BYEM's debut collection coming to life from the very beginning, I couldn't emphasise more the unprecedented quality, immaculate luxe fabrics in earthly hues and detailed tailoring, ready to adorn the everyday wardrobe of the modern 'slow fashionista'.

Born out of great determination and passion, this is the ethical fashion label to watch in 2018, and beyond."

Hanna-Amanda, Editor in Chief, Savant Magazine

#BYEMwoman & press highlights

"Their beautifully tailored garments are designed for the “modern woman” – someone who is conscious of her impact in the world, but still wants to step out in style."

"BYEM seamlessly combines ethics with clean cut, modern pieces."

#BYEMwoman & press highlights

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