15 Jan

  Life is crazy, and when it comes to prioritising your tasks for the week,.

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15 Nov

    Search for “Earth quotations” on Google Images and you’ll soon see one image.

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10 Jan

BYEM Women Crush Wednesday / Ester Keate

This weeks Women Crush Wedensday is Ester Keate, the talented photographer who magically captured our.

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22 Oct

Discover Barcelos Where Our Garments Are Made

Here at BYEM, we love tracing our clothing right back to its origins. Our clothes actually have Portuguese roots - hand-made by the talented artisans who live in the north of the country. Today we thought it was time to explore Barcelos - the small city close to Porto where all of our clothes are sourced and made.

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24 Sep

When somebody tells you to ‘go green’, what do you think of? Recycling your plastic,.

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13 Sep

What is Personal Style and How Do You Define Yours

At BYEM we adore personal style, not only because it’s an excellent way to showcase.

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