5 Effortless Ways to Recycle Your Clothing

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We all love holding onto our beloved clothing pieces. Whether it’s that gig t-shirt from 2008 or a jumper that you never wear but can’t bear to part with, it’s easy to hold onto textiles for years and years. But what if your wardrobe is so full it’s ready to pop? Something eventually has to give. If you’re planning on updating your wardrobe this winter, then it’s always a good idea to have a clear-out of unwanted items. Only 15% of unwanted clothing is recycled, so here at BYEM we believe it’s time to make a change. We’ve put together a list of 5 effortless ways to recycle your clothing so that you can enjoy your clothing - clutter free!


Clothing Banks or Collections

The first point of call if you want to recycle your old clothing is at your local clothing banks or through an organised collection. Not sure where to start? Plenty of supermarkets and even some larger coffee shops have textile banks that you can bring your unwanted items to. Your local council might have a clothing collection, so get Googling and see where you can help out. Check out https://www.recyclenow.com/ to see your closest recycling points. Likewise, charity shops are always on the hunt for clothing pieces to sell on. Make sure you’ve given everything a wash, and then bring along a bag or two and see if they can re-sell them. If you’re holding onto some older quality pieces, then why not head to a vintage store and see if they’d be interested? Coats, dresses and beautiful jackets can be resold for quite a bit of money if they’re genuine vintage, so any local store would snap them up.


A Car Boot Sale


Whilst we wouldn’t recommend trying to sell your weather-worn jeans or a top with a hole in the sleeve, if your clothing is still in great condition then why not resell it? If the weather is on the warm side and you fancy a busy day in the sun, then look out for a local car boot sale. Pack up your clothes, grab a clothing rail and some pricing labels and you’ll be ready to go! A car boot sale is a fun and easy way to sell a lot of your clothing very quickly - just be ready to barter with the shoppers that walk past. Make sure to display your best pieces clearly and not to cram too many clothes onto the rail at once. You want people to see what you have to sell as easily as possible.




Sell Online


If you’re savvy with your selling and want to try your hand at the online market, then there are plenty of options available. eBay is always a reliable way to sell your clothing, but you can also use apps or websites such as Shpock or Vinted.co.uk. Keep an eye out for any sellers fees that might eat into your profits, but also make sure that you’re using a reputable site so that you don’t lose out.


When it comes to selling clothing online, lighting is crucial - nobody will want to buy a shirt that looks dingy and crumpled. Iron your pieces if they need doing, and hang them up neatly in front of a pale background. Then grab your phone or camera and get snapping! The more information you can provide in your product description, the better. For the ultimate monopoly on the market, do a little digging and see what other people are charging for the kinds of clothing you want to sell. Try and match or beat their prices to ensure that you get plenty of sales coming in.




If you’re looking for a way to recycle your textiles without even leaving the house, then it’s time to get upcycling. Hunt round your house for old items and see what you can turn them into. Old beach towels can be used for drying off your dog after a muddy walk, for example, or used to line the footwells of your car if you’re off hiking. Old t-shirts can be turned into rags and washcloths in seconds with a pair of sharp scissors. And if you’ve got a creative streak? Get out your sewing kit and see what you can make! Large mens’ shirts can soon be turned into girly dresses, and a t-shirt can be quickly updated by cutting the length or shortening the sleeves. If you’ve got a load of gig t-shirts that you can’t bear to part with, try using them as patches to make a blanket or duvet cover. An easy and fun way to clear up some wardrobe space.


Sewing thread



How do you recycle your old clothing? If you’ve got any savvy tips, then send them to us at hello@byem.com - we love getting inspired! Thank you for reading, thank you for caring.


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