A Fast Fashion Detox Course

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Spring is approaching and with it comes brighter days and less of a need to cram in three jumpers under your jacket. And each spring, after a dark and dreary winter, we're overjoyed by the bright and bubbly new spring trends that pop up by the minute. With new patterns, colors of the seasons and cuts that intrigue, even the more seasoned sustainable shoppers can fall for this fast(-fashion) seduction. Luckily, beyond the short-lived trends are sustainably stylish choices that I can almost guarantee you’ll want to stay with for longer. Plus, your wardrobe choices most likely won’t crowd the streets before summer even begins 🌿


"Combat fast fashion cravings and move on to a consciously curated closet that’s sustainably tailored to your life"


So how can we tackle this yearning and make fashion choices that are consciously curated to align with our aesthetics and our ethics in the long term? To make it easy, we have outlined our top 3 tips for a successfull fast fashion detox to, once and for all, combat fast fashion cravings and help create a consciously curated closet that’s sustainably tailored to your life.


Unfollow Trends & Reset

A great way to start is by unfollowing trends. It sounds like an odd thing to do, but it could be as simple as reading less trend based fashion magazines and instead delving into outlets that create fashion inspiration that stays with you for longer. Mostly though, it calls for a digital detox. That’s not to say that all of your social media has to go out the window, but try to take the time and consider the fashion influencers you follow.

Are you following people who are having fun with their personal style? Do you see them do the #30WearChallenge (intentionally or not!)? Do you follow people who’s constant hauls make you want to throw away half of your wardrobe just so that you can curate a new, very trendy, one – if only just for the short rush? If so, maybe try searching for influencers that make you want to embrace your personal style and let go off the faster trends that come and go. Not everyone will relate to ‘keeping up with the trends’ stress, but for those who do, it’s a relief to let go a bit and follow people who’s message inspire rather thanpressure – no matter how unintentionally J


A Shopping Detox

One of the most efficient, and possibly the most extreme, trick to turn off fast fashion cravings is to simply give up shopping for a few months. This gives you the time to reset and ‘unfollow’ the moods that lead to shopping when you didn't really need it, i.e. when you’re feeling bored, stressed, sad or just happy - it can truly happen in almost any mood!


"The trends started blurring together on the streets and I found myself much more attuned to personal style and all that in entails"


I did this myself, not assuming it would make much difference, but after a few months I realized (for the first time!) that I didn’t actually want as much clothing as I had thought. I realised that the constant desire to consume took more than it gave. Instead, the trends started blurring together on the streets and I found myself much more attuned to personal style and all that in entails. In the end, I extended my 6-month shopping ban and made it almost one year. I broke it buying a black floor length, asymmetrical silk second hand dress, and yes, it was worth it. Undoubtedly, g iving up shopping for a few months provides you with the time to align your aesthetics with your ethics and rediscover what it is in fashion that truly appeals to you.


+ It also gives you time to research more timeless options for your wardrobe; where to buy the most stylish slow fashion with strong and sustainable manufacturing ethics, the best second hand stores and the coolest clothing swaps in your area.


Make Fashion Personal (again!)

Having reset and unfollowed the trends that cause stress and taken a time out from shopping to revalidate what your style ethics and aesthetics are, it’s time to make fashion personal again. Since it’s easy to believe that every new trend is personal to oneself, it's important to remember that the essence of fashion isn't about what comes and goes, it's about what persists. It’s combining outfits from different seasons, choosing garments that are true to your personal style and valuing your clothing for longer.


"The pieces you know you want to wear for years to come, that’s your personal style"


Choosing personal style over trends doesn’t mean you have to let go of the pieces in your wardrobe that are a bit out there or never let a new trend piece in. Neither does it mean that everything needs to be monochrome or somber in colour. Instead, it’s using your clothing as a mean of personal expression, choosing pieces that are authentically you. The pieces you know you want to wear for years to come, that’s your personal style, and understanding this makes it so much easier to avoid the lure of fast fashion trends.


Now, maybe you’re asking yourself if you really can have a personal style it if your mood and style varies a bit day-to-day, but I would say personal style does so too - I would even go as far as saying it’s meant to too! Ultimately, understanding your own style might take time but it’s a journey worth taking. It makes you feel comfortable to stand out in a crowd, it makes dressing feel uncomplicated, it makes you feel more like you.


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