The Importance of Ethical Clothing and Why You Should Go Green

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When somebody tells you to ‘go green’, what do you think of? Recycling your plastic, perhaps? Walking to work? Turning the tap off as you brush your teeth? There are many ways in which we can make a difference to our world, but often clothing isn’t the first thing people think of. So how do you consciously 'go green’ in your closet, and more importantly, why should you? Ethical clothing is becoming all the more popular, and for good reason. Here at BYEM, we believe that everyone should know what they’re putting into their closets. Empowering and rewarding those that put time and effort into your clothing is a simple yet effective way to make a difference. There are easy ways to ensure that your clothing is not only environmentally-friendly but also ethically manufactured and sourced as well.


Ethical Fashion in Context

So what does ‘ethical clothing’ actually mean? To be ethical in a fashion context refers to the design, sourcing and manufacturing process of clothes. Fashion is a labour-intensive sector, so ethical brands seek to find ways to reward those involved in the industry. To count as ethical, each and every part of this process - whether this be the initial sketches or the final stitches of the dress that ends up in your wardrobe - needs to be undertaken in a socially and environmentally appropriate manner. Anyone involved in this production should also be paid a fair wage for the time they spend working. Just as fair-trade food production allows for transparency knowing where your produce comes from, sustainability and ethics in fashion allow for a safe and fair working environment for everyone involved in the manufacturing - something we consider a basic human right.


Ethics in Your Wardrobe

So how can you approach ethical fashion in a way that is both stylish and kind? If you’re analysing what you consume in your day-to-day life and find that clothing takes up a lot of your spare income, then switching to fewer, more sustainable items is a great place to start. Being ethical with your clothing is about being more sensitive about what you wear. Not only does it help open your eyes to your own personal style, it also ensures that you truly love wearing your pieces time and again. It’s all about empowering the people behind your clothes and giving credit to those who work hard for their wages. It’s about making sure that your clothes are having a minimal impact on the environment and make our world a brighter, greener place for the generations to come.


Here at BYEM, we believe that in order to embrace this ethical fashion, it’s important to slow down. To think about the clothes you’re buying and the closet you want to curate. Switching to a more sustainable wardrobe is easier than you think, and only takes a small effort to have a big impact. They say that fashion fades, but style is eternal. Having a core set of pieces that make you both look and feel amazing is the key to making sustainable fashion work for you.


It may be hard at first to resist updating your wardrobe every month. But when it comes to clothing, quality is better than quantity, and the right garment can truly transcend time. Try to analyse your wardrobe. Find a few capsule items that can form the basis of your look, and check that your clothing brands work with sustainably certified suppliers and promote fair trade. The most brilliant part of sustainable shopping is that you don’t have to sacrifice your own style. The pieces that come from ethically and sustainably conscientious brands have not only been curated with care, they’re also designed for you to treasure for years to come.

Mina Blouse Nova Flare Palazzo Pants BYEM Scandinavian Sustainable Fashion

Our Vision for a Fairer Future of Fashion

Our BYEM mantra is a simple one. We believe in exploring new innovative ways to decrease our impact and maximise the benefit towards the environment. And whilst we continue to do this, we hope that our customers will support us in our efforts and buy from us, safe in the knowledge that their garments are made using sustainable materials and built to last. So next time you decide it’s time for a new item for your wardrobe, consider the source and make your choice wisely. Ethical clothing is here, and it’s here to stay.




Thank you for reading, thank you for caring. If you have any questions about us or our garments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our BYEM team / hello@BYEM.com


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