About Us

BYEM was born out of the desire to unite the fine features of timeless style with ethics and sustainability, to create garments that can transcend times and trends and that simplify our wardrobe choices. Based in Örebro, Sweden, we’re influenced by our Scandinavian heritage and a global consciousness and call our design ethos ‘Scandinavian femininity’, where minimalism meets classic femininity. With our collections, we want to reinvent classic pieces so that every woman can step out in style with details that keep the eye intrigued. All of our consciously curated pieces are made limited edition meaning that all of our pieces are made in one batch and then never return in the same colour or textile. We think that's quite cool and hope you do too. Last, but absolutely not least, at BYEM we’re firm believers in uniting ethics and aesthetics and work hard to make all of our garments kind to the earth and the humans who make them. We never want there to be a compromise in-between style and how a garment has been made. That’s why all of our garments are ethically made with love in the UK and Portugal using sustainably sourced stunning textiles. If you’re interested in reading more about our sustainability and ethics work, you can find a page dedicated it here.

A Few Words from Our Founder

I founded BYEM in 2017 with the mission to make garments that are not only sustainably and ethically sourced but that also made to transcend times and trends. I’m a firm believer in personal style and believe it’s the most sustainable style choice out there and wanted BYEM to be an extension of that idea. My interest in personal style was sparked by my grandmother who’s always been quite an eccentric dresser by Swedish standards. Always dressed in flowing floor-length silk gowns, multi-coloured dresses and endless layers. It was she who inspired me to see how personal style and sustainability connect as I think that sustainability in fashion lies not only in ethical and sustainable manufacturing but also in exploring our personal style and the way we approach curating our closets. It allows us to need less clothing to express ourselves and we’ll treasure the pieces we do own for longer. That’s why all of our pieces and collections are made to matter, to stay beautiful in the long term and to accompany the everchanging life of the modern woman. 

  x Emilia